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© 1993  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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13 months in which I was given Spiritual Teaching, Instruction and guidance so that I could offer others the opportunity to also gain in Love, Wisdom, Peace and Happiness.


This path is called The Path of the Mystic.


The Path of the Mystic is to guide both groups and individuals to the Wisdom and Guidance of the Universal Spirit, that you may find Love, Wisdom, Peace and Happiness.


The importance of this path and teaching is not to blindly accept the teacher or his teaching, but that everyone must meditate on the teachings that they receive.


To see if this truth is to be your truth.


If you feel in your heart that the Mystic Path is not for you, please do not follow this path.

By Dennis Maguire

(The Mystic Man)   

My name is Dennis Maguire.


In 1984 I had a spiritual experience that lasted six months. I was guided by spirit to face my fears and accept my individual faults, failures and imperfections. So that I may have the realisation that there is a Universal Spirit that could set me free.


Once I had accepted the fact I could be set FREE.


The Universal Spirit individually guided me for nine years until I was a living example of it’s teachings. At that point I received another spiritual experience this time for...


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God Conscious Meditation is a Non-Profit organisation formed to help humanity gain L ove, wisdom, peace and happiness in their lives.


God Conscious Meditation is not aligned with any one Buddhaism, Religion or Philosophy.


Through the practice of God Conscious Meditation inspirational wisdom is received from the Universal Spirit that is the source of Universal Truth, and Wisdom.


Inspirational Wisdom is offered to you through your own personal choice and does not stop you from exploring your own path to the truth...

By Dennis Maguire

(The Mystic Man)


I Hope to make available Teachings, Transcripts, Seminars & Books as they become available... Meditation book NOW available...


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