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MEDITATION MANUAL... Meditation is about detaching from self so that you may be at one and inspired by the Universal Spirit.

Life is meant to be simple but through fear we complicate our life’s journey though wrong judgements and actions. But if we meditate at the beginning of the day we become inspired of what we can archive through our day. If we also meditate at the end of the day our overview of the day completes our days life’s learning. We are

then free from stress and can sleep peacefully and soundly.

Many people including scientists will try to make restless sleep patterns a condition that doctors and scientists can fix. But sleep depredation is a simple condition created from fear of dealing with life’s experiences of everyday living. Depending on how severe our reaction to circumstance is whether our fear is a reaction of confusion, frustration or anger. These patterns will be reflected in our sleep patterns in reaction to our conscience.

Regular meditation will relive these conditions replacing them with self confidence, self worth and self esteem eliminating the need for fear to rule your everyday life.

Of course with everything there are rules and with meditation there are 3 rules.

RULE 1 You must apply a protection before going into meditation. A simple protection can be to call on any of the following angels, Jesus, Buddha, God, Mother Mary or The Universal Spirit. If you don’t use protection you will be influenced by any

misguided thoughts you prefer to be attracted to floating around in the consciousness. This is because of the fear of responsibly of having to face your fears.

RULE 2 If you are on medication assigned to you by a doctor you must continue to do so until the doctor has given you the ok to stop. This also applies to if you are seeing a psychiatrist, therapist or a councillor.

RULE 3  The Inspiration that you receive through meditation is to help you with life’s experiences of everyday living STRESS FREE. Therefore you must act on your inspiration received or your life’s experiences will keep repeating themselves until you do act on the inspiration you received.

BY The Mystic Man

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