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The economic melt-down, caused from the stock market crash, was something that was, unfortunately, inevitable…

In the past, investors were inclined to use the stock market for relatively safe long-term investments.  Today, however, the attitude of investors has changed.  Driven by greed and ambition, investors today are looking for a quick return.  For this reason, these days, investors are willing to gamble on ‘high risk short-term’ investments.

Business has also embraced this attitude on a global scale.  Major companies have led the way and shown that offering a lucrative remuneration package to a high ranking CEO can significantly increase the company’s profit margins.  These multi-million dollar CEOs make the

ruthless decisions on behalf

of the Board Directors, Owners and Stockholders and get immediate results.  Retrenchments, relocating business off-shore and clever marketing strategies have dramatically impacted on profits by slashing overheads, renewing the company’s image and attracting new business.

These highly paid and clever ‘spin doctors’ are looking to make a significant impact in the short-term. Rising figures on the stock market prove that the company’s profit-boosting strategies are working and, in this way, reel-in the small investors low income-earners and pensioners.  

Unfortunately, those who are least able to afford the ‘high-risk’ are willing to mortgage their home or use their superannuation and gamble their life savings in these ‘high-risk’ ‘short-term’ investments also to make a quick return.

The problem with this trend is that the economy depends on the actions of a vulnerable and inexperienced investor. This small investor, however, who has life savings riding in the balance, is easily ‘spooked’.  The changing highs and lows of the stock market can quickly panic such an investor and a

knee-jerk reaction: withdrawing investment moneys from the stock market, can cause an economic crisis, in a short period of time.  Consequently, a great deal of money, homes, superannuation and life savings can easily be lost in moments, due to the reaction of this emerging ‘vulnerable and inexperienced’ investor.

In the past, those who used the stock market were investors who were more financially secure.  

Today, business has also adopted risky business practices.  Selling their debt is a practice which works well for them when the market is good, however, not so well when the market is down or volatile.  At that stage, not only is there a debt by the business, but now, in a vicious circle, this debt has doubled and the insurance company also has lost their money.

Recently, governments around the world have stepped in and bailed out big business and banks in an attempt to save their economy from total collapse. If business and banks do not learn from their mistakes, next time governments may not have the money to bail out their countries.  Mystic Man.