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A New beginning or the End of the World!

The Human race has entered a new spiritual quest. The world as we have known it has come to an end.

When we woke up on the 21st of December 2012 we believed nothing had changed, as everything in our world looked the same as it did the day before. But the clock of the old system had stopped on the 20th of December at midnight and as the old clock stoped a new clock started ticking from midnight onwards in the early hours of the 21st of December. This new clock issued forth a new way of living for Humanity.

Sorry NO Armageddon or Apocalypse! ...but don’t relax yet!

Planet Earth has been home

and a place of evolution for Humanity for a long, long time. It has been the Will and purpose of Humanity to discover that they are a spiritual being in a physical body.  Humanity first emerged on Planet Earth, from the spirit world.  It was because their spiritual growth, as a spirit being, had declined so much that now Humanity’s spiritual learning was only possible in a physical world.

It has always been the spiritual quest of each and everyone’s physical journey to find their own path to attain spiritual enlightenment, whether through Philosophy, Religion, or Science etc.  This is done in the evolution of past lives and/or this life time. Whether you believe in past lives or not it doesn’t really matter, as the principle is exactly the same.


This report covers everything Humanity need to know as what is about to happen with Humanity - Planet Earth - Our Milky Way Galaxy - The Photon Belt and what we can expect within the next 40 years. All major areas are covered for everyone.

The 18 page Factual Report covers:


Galactic Alignment!

Is it just the beginning...

as a

A new beginning towards World Peace!



Is Christ to Return to Earth?

or are the next 40 years leading to Judgement Day?


World Peace...

Who are the 144,000 that many Religions & Philosophies talk about?

& are...

They Only ones to be Saved

or are the 144,000 to Save Humanity!



Is our Planet Earth Environmental or Ecosystem Collapsing?


Can it be Saved & Rejuvenated through Climate Change...



For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction (Good or Bad Karma)


What can we expect in the next 40 years...?

Is it... Peace on Earth?... & Heaven Returning to Earth!

By The Mystic Man.

Galactic Alignment
40 Years
to Judgement Day
Galactic Alignment Fact Report.pdf.