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What MUST be Targeted for World Change... is to be seen within the 25 years before 2012.

God was in total control of the 5 year period 1982 to 1987 before Harmonic Convergence and the 25 year period of 1987 - 2012 of Harmonic Convergence.

In the first 5 years before Harmonic Convergence the World United together to bring out the true spirit of Humanity. United in Cause to care for their fellow Human beings and to set their sights on a future World of Peace, Harmony and Tranquillity. It all took place following 3 events: 21st September 1982 The first International Peace Day - 1st week in September 1983 the week the World Feared World War 111 - 1984 the day the world saw on a BBC TV news report images of millions of people starving to death in Ethiopia. This event saw the world unite together in cause and love for their fellow man.

God shows his Hand in Harmonic Convergence..

During Harmonic Convergence God

inspired Humanity when challenged with disastrous humane events where needed. God set well timed sequences to take place around these events to achieve a desired outcome. God played his hand where well timed responses were not just coincidence. It was Gods Plan that Harmonic Convergence show Humanity what was achieved as a triumph in that period of time, which has to continue to be achieved for World Peace in the next 40 years, to inherit the Kingdom of God. Also what was shown during Harmonic Convergence in this period of time as disasters, are also to be seen as the situations that must be turned around Globally, in the next 40 years to inherit the Kingdom of God. If you look to God for help anything is possible, without Gods help during this 40 year period you will be met with disaster.

To inherit the Kingdom of God you must be living Gods Will and Way of Life towards Yourself, Others Locally, Globally and Your Planet.


My Chart on Harmonic Convergence shows 25 years of Historic change...

The chart has major significant years of change that have caused change in Politics, Dictators, Society, Business, Culture, Crime, Health, Religion, Global Warming &  Extreme Progressive change in Weather Patterns. Please go to my website and download the Chart for yourself... http://www.themysticm an.com.au

I stand before you as the voice of God to deliver God’s second Promise, Heaven returns to Earth. (The coming of the Kingdom of God.)

The 21st December 2012 began my 40 year rein and concludes on Judgement Day 21st April Easter 2052... Mystic Man