God Conscious Meditation & The Path of the Mystic - Founded by The Mystic Man (Dennis Maguire)

© 1993  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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The Live & Times of a Mystic man.

This is a story about a lonely boy who at 16 makes miraculous life decisions that teach him all the hidden mysteries of Life.

The boy in his early teens searched for answers about the purpose of life studying many religions only to end up becoming an agnostic.                

The boy devastated for 13 years at his dad dying slips into Alcoholism, Drugs, Poverty & Suicide until he is at his death bed.     

At 29 an agnostic by choice, he pleads for help from God in prayer & slips into a 6 month life changing Spiritual Experience.   

In his Spiritual Experience he faces personal challenges of Fear & Spiritual beliefs. He felt he was getting a second

chance at life.   

After the Spiritual experience he chose to study for nine years Life, Psychology, Philosophy, Buddhism,  Meditation & Spiritualism.   

He then became a clairvoyant & began to see dead people & well

known spiritual teachers who have walked this Earth before.  

Now Psychic at 37 he had another Spiritual experience lasting 13 months. He was instructed by many spiritual teachers on the Book of Life.

Each teacher who taught him would test him on the teachings & then would pass him on to the next teacher in a different world.  

Each World he entered was a higher plane of consciousness which had its own teacher. To each new plane he gave a number.    

When he had completed the 39th. plane of consciousness he awaited the next teacher, instead he was amazed at meeting God himself.

The Majestic being God of the 40th. plane also taught him teachings &

said “this is the teaching

of the Divine Plan of God.”    

The Majestic being God spoke to him saying “I am the Alpha & Omega. You have ascended to me seeking the truth.”

The Majestic being God lastly said “You have a choice to stay with me or to return to Earth & show    Humanity the way home to God.”

When he returned to Earth he founded Cosmic Consciousness Meditation, the Path of the Mystic & the Philosophy of Life.   

Since 1993 he has been teaching privately his teachings. He has been waiting 20 years for the call from God to step out to the public.  

He was told by God to step out to the public on the 21st. December 2012 & guide Humanity on a 40 year spiritual quest back to God.

He was also told by God, all Humanity must first create a world of Peace & harmony before 2052 to inherit the Kingdom of God.   

Finally he was told by God you will be a Prophet & the Voice of God to guide Humanity home & for 40 years you will be called Mystic Man.