God Conscious Meditation & The Path of the Mystic - Founded by The Mystic Man (Dennis Maguire)

© 1993  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Be the first to interview me and it won’t cost

you a cent.

I invite Newspapers, Television News & Magazines to be the first to interview me and my story.

My story is NOT about the money.

I have been given the Honour from God to Guide Humanity for the next 40 years to Judgement Day.

This is not a joke. I invite you to the challenge to interview me and you can see up close for yourself.

I come to you as a New Prophet for the New World to come... To deliver God’s second promise the coming of the Kingdom of God. I stand before you as the Voice of God... To guide Humanity within 40 years to World Peace, Judgement Day and a Golden Age proceeding 21/04/2052.

Don’t believe it can happen! - with God all things are possible. I know exactly what humanity must do as I have spent the last 40 years trained by God at what must be done. God’s teaching had a triple purpose 1/ To learn what must be achieved in every individuals life to live in harmony with the Will and Wisdom of God. 2/ Humanity as a race must acknowledge God to achieve Unity, peace and Harmony with


the Will and Wisdom of God. 3/ Humanity MUST take responsibility for Planet Earths Environment and Ecosystem and bring it back to its natural balance.

On 21st. December 2012 Planet Earth came under the Universal Law of Instant Karma.

Until Humanity listens to the Voice of God Planet Earth will endure progressive Disastrous Weather and Catalytic Events.

When will the world have had enough?

The ball is in your court!  (To contact me click on the link below, Thank you.)

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