God Conscious Meditation & The Path of the Mystic - Founded by The Mystic Man (Dennis Maguire)

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God Conscious Meditation connects you with God Personally... No matter what Faith you may follow... Its benefits are... quite numerous but the most common is when you detach from self in God Conscious Meditation you become aware of a soft small voice within, giving you guidance and understanding to help you with whatever problems that ail you. This still voice within is called the voice of the Universal Spirit. (God) If at other times you go into meditation and meditate to the Universal Spirit (God) without seeking to have any problems resolved. You may find that the Universal Spirit (God) will begin to inspire you with

inspirational wisdom, on the philosophy of life and its mysteries. The Universal Spirit (God) does this through Unconditional Love because you acted from the heart by seeking out the Universal Spirit. (God) In return it is God’s will you receive love, wisdom, direction, guidance and understanding.

The philosophy gained is called the philosophy of life which not only helps you with your everyday living, but also helps you understand what life is all about, exposing even the hidden mysteries of life. This can sometimes lead people to want to go on a quest to understand life’s hidden  mysteries, of which is the goal of God Conscious Meditation. Seeking the Universal Spirit (God) to understand the philosophy of life through wisdom, understanding and guidance gained through inspirational wisdom.

God Conscious Meditation also helps people who suffer from stress, whether mildly or quite severely.

Most people try to cope with stress while others try to ignore it, only a few get help. Stress can play a damaging role in your life

if not treated.

With God Conscious Meditation you learn to detach from  unwanted thoughts, emotions, stress etc., so you are able to step aside from your daily problems to clearly see what everything is all about.

There is a important statement that states "the sick cannot help the sick" and this is true. God Conscious Meditation not only releases you from unwanted thoughts, emotions, stress etc., but also allows you to be at peace with yourself.

              The Mystic Man.

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