God Conscious Meditation & The Path of the Mystic - Founded by The Mystic Man (Dennis Maguire)

© 1993  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

God Conscious Meditation
  Connects You
   Personally to God...
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No matter what Faith 
    You Follow...

What is Mystic Cosmic Insight? It is God Inspiration...

We spend our whole life getting stressed, confused and seek what life is all about?

Is there a God or Cosmic Consciousness?

Is my life destined or can I change my destiny?

Many Spiritual Teachers have taught teachings as Religious ideals, Philosophies or Faiths. They all show you how you can become a better person by living their way of life by example.

Cosmic Mystic Insight gives a person an understanding of who they really are and what Lessons in life they have before them.

COSMIC INSIGHT... is attained with regular daily practice God Conscious Meditation!

God Conscious Meditation Connects you Personally to God... No matter what Faith you may follow... & allows you to merge in Mind, Spirit & Soul with the Universe, God Consciousness & God...

40 Year Prophecy!

A New Prophet for the New World...

I stand before you as the voice of God to deliver God’s second Promise, Heaven returns to

Earth. (The coming of the Kingdom of God...)

Some times we repeat things time and time again... But with cosmic insight not only can we learn from the mistakes we make... But it shows us why we make them. Our cosmic insight shows us if we learn our life lessons, our whole life will change.

Whether you believe in past lives of just the one life it doesn’t really matter. Your Character and personality are virtually the same.

To understand and accept the mysteries of your life can explain not only who you are but what you need to change in your life, then your life will become the life you have wished it to be.

God Bless... Mystic Man...

Email: mystic_man@beagle.com.au
Life & Times of a Mystic.