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The call of the 144,000

These 144,000 are the Children of God who followed Humanity into their world, in Hope that in time they may lead Humanity back into Heaven. First they must discover who they are. These 144,000 are scatted all over the world and do not belong to any one Philosophy, Religion or Teaching. The 144,000 are not the only ones to be saved and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, instead the 144,000 are the ones to help save Humanity, for they are the children of the 144,000. The 144,000 Children of God represent all the 144,000 Halls (levels) of the Kingdom of Heaven. Each one represents a fragment of the teaching of God’s Divine Plan (The Holy Grail.) When all the 144,000 are in one room together they represent the teaching of the Divine Plan in Full.

I Have the Honour to Guide you Home... All the 144,000.

It is because I Completed my Spiritual Quest guided by God to return to the Kingdom of God in 1992,


that I have now been given the title of Mystic Man and have been given the Honour to guide the 144,000 home to God. I have learnt and become the wisdom taught by God of the Divine Plan through God Conscious Meditation and the Path of the Mystic. To inherit the right to return to Heaven each and everyone of the 144,000 MUST Learn, Live and Be a Living Example of God Conscious Meditation and the Path of the Mystic. It is by living the teachings of the Path of the Mystic and through daily practice of God Conscious Meditation that you get to break the consecutive 29 Holy Seals of each Cosmic Portal (Plane.) to be completed over a nine year period. This is decreed by God no mater how long you have been on your Spiritual Quest or have been meditating. The last 10 Cosmic Seals of your Spiritual Quest are only able to be broken one at a time as you complete Gods teaching of each consecutive Seal.

Your personal part of your Spiritual Quest is

number one priority, but you must also be

considerate to others - 1/Race, 2/Creed, 3/Gender, 4/Children, 5/Animals, 6/Environment, 7/Ecosystem and 8/Planet Earth. You must also care for Politics as such that you ONLY vote in Politicians and Leaders that are considerate to the eight stated considerations above. They must also be have the orientated Goal of achieving World Peace and Harmony before Easter 2052.

I was told by God in

these words:  

“Go out and teach Humanity as I have taught you, show them the way home to Me (God).

Teach them that there are 3 stages of the teaching.

1/ To Learn the Teaching. 2/ To Live the Teaching. 3/ To be seen as the Teaching.

Teach them well, so that each and everyone can learn from your wisdom and from your example that they may inherit the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


  Love to you all...

Mystic man.